Cobalt and Black…Swoon

i truly, deeply love the dark, muted fashion colors of fall. especially this fall. the deep reds and purples that make up burgundies, eggplants, and oxbloods; dusty greenish yellows we call primrose;  and the flat brownish greens synonymous with military olives. living in the north east, however, lends itself to a lot of dark and muted days during the long fall and winter months. in southwest pa we are lucky to see a bright blue sky  or a sliver of sun after late october/mid november, and even me, someone who thrives off of grey skies, needs to don brights from time to time, cause, well, no one is immune to endless days of dark. thankfully, one of the hottest colors this fall/winter is quite bright, though appropriately winter bright: cobalt blue. paired with black, this color combo makes it’s rounds every few years (I have a skirt i have been holding on to for about 4 years that i am excited to recycle,) and, in my humble opinion, works so well cold weather fashions.

i paired these cobalt knit shorts with a black blazer and black tights and packed some extra pop with mint, kelly, and forest greens.

if you have even browsed my blog before, you likely know i am a fan of mixed prints. it’s quirky and interesting which are two adjectives i don’t shy away from when outfitting. something that has a smilar impact to mixing patterns (and is often easier for the less adventurous to swallow) is mixing textures. this airy mint green, chiffon blouse with the art deco print doesn’t seem like a likely match for the heavy cobalt knit, lined shorts, but it works.

i probably wouldn’t pair these bold, felted, polka-dot, ribboned, and bejeweled (there is a lot happening with these shoes) heels with either the blouse or the shorts on their own, but with their own mix of textures and print, they actually pull the whole thing together. don’t be afraid to mix it up my friends, it’s kinda like wearing a party.


in other news, we have a winner for The Limited giveaway….dramatic pause….it’s Nicole Ordonez!  congrats, Nicole, and thanks for entering. i would love to hear about your giftcard pick!


blazer: Urban Outfitters

blouse: Pavement 

shorts/bag/shoes: ModCloth

tights: Target

I’m Back…With a Give Away from The Limited…Super Swoon.

why, hello! it’s been awhile.I have missed you.

frankly, my new(ish) job has been code red levels of crazy town (in a totally good way) but i gotta tell you, it leaves little time for hello, swooning. i admire those bloggers with jobs and kids and hobbies that make the time. my devotion wants to be there, but my body and brain can’t keep up. i constantly find myself in the middle of a hectic work day/doing laundry/looking over homework/cleaning the fish tank/slipping in to bed wishing i was blogging/had blogged/uploaded the outfit pics that i keep taking and just store on my camera. but, c’est le vie, i mean, i am never getting less busy, so i will blog when i can and stop getting stressed about it. pardon the mini-rant, i have had so much to tell you all!

since my last post  i turned 30 (eek, ) got engaged (swoon,) sent my baby to third grade (eek, again,) attended some boutique fun featuring some of my favorite bloggers, and got some sparkly neck candy from The Limited to style in honor of the grand opening of their store at The Mall at Robinson.

the necklace would be a great addition to a LBD or sticking out of a holiday party dress’s peter pan collar. no brainer. i decided to dress it down for more of an everyday look (and to remind you all not to let your fun bubbles wait for special occasions.)

it really works so well with this outfit and was a lot of fun to style.  i have to say there are a number of other necklaces and accessories from The Limited i can see getting some miles out of, not to mention all their great pieces for winter (i.e. blazers/sweaters/structured pants (with stretch!)) the good news is, The Limited wanted everyone to have some fun, so they gave me a $50.00 gift card to give away!for a chance to win:
1. comment on this post, be sure to leave some contact info so I can get a hold you!

2. to increase your chances, like hello, swooning and The Limited on Facebook.

Contest ends Friday, November 16th.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


necklace: c/o The Limited

shirt with peter pan collar: Forever 21

sweater: Marshalls

printed jeans: Target

wedge booties: Marshalls



Skin Care…Swoon

i juice. do you?

a few months back my Birchbox delivered me a sample of this powerhouse serum. after using it for a few days i noticed a significant difference in my complexion…the one we are always after, clearer, brighter, smoother, etc. at the time i chalked it up to a few freak good skin days but couldn’t help noticing how great my face looked and felt immediately after applying this stuff. and then my little sample was gone. i was sad. nothing i tried performed like the Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum, so i went and got me a big bottle. total win.

this stuff is not only great for clearing up any current breakouts and preventing new ones, it also helps get rid of dark spots. (my fair olive skin acts like a hypercolor tee without the color fade property, i so much as touch it, dark mark.) (also, i am five so i am always touching my face.) that’s not even the best part. the best part is, it’s all organic. Juice Beauty is dedicated  to creating skincare “with the highest percentage of certified organic ingredients.” high five JB.

an organic peel. that is all.

in addition to their amazing serums, they have peels (i am dying to try their best selling green apple peel that comes in different strengths.) they also have a make up line including tinted moisturizers, foundations and powders. i must get my hands on their blemish clearing powder. i am a big fan of these. right now i am using a Mario Badescu (of the famous Pink Dying Lotion) version. The Special Healing Powder is sulfur based( Sulfur: an amazing, anti-acne, disinfecting, skin-healing ingredient) that amazingly doesn’t smell like sulfur (srsly). if you have ever used a product contianing sulfer you likely have a love/hate relationship with it. sulfur works wonders, smell like rotten eggs. nothing better than your face smelling like rotten eggs.

powder you can wear to bed for clearer skin…i will not shut up.

Mario Badescu has many products worth mentioning, but i would be doing everyone a disservice if i didn’t talk about the Silver Powder which you apply like a mask and wash off. voila! clogged pores, gone. blackheads, gone. one use you will see a huge difference. women swear by this stuff, i’m talking about you ashley dominick. 

it’s called silver powder, but it’s solid gold.

what are you fav skin care products currently? TELL ME, i must try!

*images are taking from the Juice Beauty & Mario Badescu sites. links to both above.

Mustard Yellow (and, Meet Dottie!)…Swoon



i am not sure that i have officially (or unofficially,)  introduced you to this little butt. if you follow me on twitter or instagram or facebook or around my neighborhood (stop following me around my neighborhood, it’s creepy!) then  you likely have already been acquainted with the little miss. this 3 1/2 year old minidoxie is the newest addition to our family.  we named her Dottie or Dorothy Mae VonWiener (she took her brother’s last name,) and she is the most playful/cuddliest/sweetest little girl. after carl got over the fact she was going to sit on his head for the rest of his days, they became fast friends. she has helped carl’s separation anxiety tremendously, which is a huge relief now no one is working at home. we are so happy to have this little sweetie around, and she is a natural in blog pics!

this is an outfit i threw together for work last week that turned out quite well. it had a bit of a 60s vibe that i have been really loving of late. i also can not get enough yellow. when this mustardy, goldenrod, ambery yellow started popping up everywhere a few years back, i was thrilled and i am so glad to see it is still going strong. Solange rocks it on the reg so you know it’s cool. plus it pairs oh-so-well with so many other colors. while i kept it quiet with mustard, cream , and chambray, i love it with strong dark greens, purples, and oranges, bright blues and reds; really the possibilities are endless. do you have a fave mustard/other color combo?

*forgive the quality of the pics, i am learning to photograph myself. anyone that has some quick tips to make me a pro, please share!


headband: american apperal

top: modcloth (old)

cardi: modcloth (old)

chambray shorts: francesca’s 

shoes: Seychelles (i LOVE their shoes, check them out!), modcloth (also, old)

Friday Night With Friends…Swoon



recently i got a much needed night out with a great group of friends, including some from out of town. we gathered at the double wide grill sat outside, consumed many cold drinks, and played a little corn hole…i never actually made it to that last part.  it was hot, so thankfully i picked up this breezy, swingy top from American Apparel. the peter pan collar was perfect (though bunched up in these pics) for a secretary-esque bow tie. i love the retro-mod design on this one from the gap.


blouse: american apperal

cropped corset: american eagle

scarf: gap (years ago)

skirt: gap

shoes: american eagle

earings: gap

pin: unknown

braided bracelace: modcloth

snake ring: picked up from vendor at i made it market

wrap bracelace: jupe

watch: modcloth

zipper bracelet: fab




Green Smoothie…Swoon

After watching the documentary *Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and following my friend Diane’s green smoothie quest on her Facebook page The Smooth(ie) Operator and hearing about the miraculous heath benefits and talking about it for months, we finally broke down, bought a Vitamix, and hopped on the green smoothie wagon. In other words, Jon and I have been ingesting at least one “smoothie” made from veggies and fruits and extracts everyday in an attempt to load up on tons of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other healthy stuff. I don’t think it has been long enough (only a week) to give an accurate account of any benefits, but I feel great about doing it so far. I did take off Mother’s Day to ingest things that I am fairly certain have reversed any pros the green smoothies have provided thus far, but I am right back on the wagon today.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Mine was insanely low key which was wonderful considering the speed at which I have been moving. I needed a day like that.  Now I am focused being back at work and getting healthy! What are you all doing to get healthier these days?

*Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was entertaining and truly inspirational. I highly recommend taking the time to watch . I guarantee you know someone this would hugely benefit. Joe Cross has spun off a website called which is a great resource for support, information, recipes and more.

Little Miss Busy…Swoon

OMG, I am a blogger! I almost forgot. Well, not really. Really, I have been agonizing about the lack of blogging…am I serious about this or what? The truth is I have been busy and not just little stuff, but lot’s of life altering stuff (not to be dramatic, but it is stuff altering my life.) In the past 4 or so weeks, I quit my job, got and started a new one, got a puppy, started several furniture refurbishing projects, hired an after school nanny, revamped my diet several times (obviously I am someone who likes to see things through and evaluate the pros and cons before ditching and moving on,) AND, launched a new blog design which I still have not finished updating. In other words, my schedule is all out of wack and I gots some stuff going on…all which I look forward to telling you about later, hopefully I will look stylish while doing so and we can talk about that too. In the mean time, I have not given up. I am still a blogger. I will be posting (hopefully, like, this week even)…stay tuned!

P.S. Whatcha think about the new design!?

P.S.S Sorry about the image size, WordPress is being weird.

Burnt Orange…Swoon

Last Sunday Jon and I decided we needed a brunch date so we did the typical lazy weekend brunch preparation and picked up the clothes laying around from the previous week and added hats. (I should say, my typical weekend prep, his every day prep (typical boy)) To my surprise I had a burnt orange theme going on last week that I was able to style in to what turned out as a great casual outfit. Inspired by  SWF Terra’s recent Delightful Dozen blog post, I tied up the long front tails of this shirt from Panello (previously styled, here) and threw on one of my favorite cardis. Adorned with art deco partridges in warm, rich browns and accented with a that pop of bright coral…I can’t wear it enough (previously styled, here.) Then there were the jeans. Over the weekend I went shopping with friends to Saks (which is going out of business in Pittsburgh, a sad, sad thing for our dahntahn, but a happy thing for my wallet…okay for me, it still hurt my wallet) While feeling totally overwhelmed, surrounded by mobs of people and piles of glorious inventory, I managed to find some gems, including these J Brand jeans. In this brownish, burnt orange hue, they work so well with much of my wardrobe. Plus, they are J Brand jeans…

Before Brunch. Yes, we both wore brown fedora’s.

Even Carl rocks the burnt orange…Carl, he’s so hot right now.

Hat: Pavement Boutique

Cardi: ModCloth

Shirt: Panello

Jeans: J Brand

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell via ModCloth

Bracelets: ModCloth, Jupe, Thrifted

Jon’s Hat: Target.

Mixed Patterns…Swoon

I love mixing patterns. Many people are quite shy about venturing in to the land of multipatterns, but it is really a simple science: stick to two patterns, stay in the same color family. Complementary colors can work, but are more risky, so if you are not a style risk taker, best to steer clear. Here, I went for two florals, but I love other combos too.  Stripes mixed with florals or plaids, two different tribal, Aztec, or Navajo prints, polka dots and, well, anything, and even two novelty prints (birds and cats, cute AND ironic!) are all fun and totally doable. Experiment and see what you feel and look good in. It’s a great trend to learn! 

I also love 70s inspired fashion. The longer skirt, flowy blouse, velvet, two-pocket, two-button blazer with deep pockets, and platform loafers are all reminiscent of 70s fashion. Not to mention this great floppy hat. God, I feel groovy, man.

Hat: San Francisco Hat Co. via ModCloth

Secretary Blouse: H & M

Blazer: Gap (about 5 years ago)

Skirt: Thrifted, no tags present.

Tights: American Apparel

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell via ModCloth

Rings: ModCloth

Bangles: Brown:  Ten Thousand Villages  Yellow: from a boutique too many years ago to remember.

Buffalo “Chicken” Dip…Swoon

Last week I left my favorite one-year-old’s birthday party craving buffalo chicken dip. Not surprising since I parked myself next to the food table and inhaled the glorious, nostril-filling goodness that is hot sauce and cream cheese. Not surprising because this wasn’t your run of the mill BCD either, it was my future sister-in-law’s that, apparently, is magical. It is surprising, however, because I don’t eat or even like chicken. Even so, that hot sauce/chicken/cream cheese glob really got me.

So, later that night, after taking in some good ole’ fashion pudding wrestling at Belvederes, I came home  in need of a snack and all I could think about is that BCD. That’s when it hit me, who needs chicken? I got me some chickpeas (like 17 cans at any given time.) I disappoint myself for only thinking of this solution in my time of need, cause, let’s be honest, it’s a brilliant idea.

So I opened a can of chickpeas, some cheese substitutes, and hot sauce and went to it. It turned out so well, that I made it again the next day for Jon to eat, who declared, after making sure he said it was NOT, in fact, buffalo chicken dip, it was quite yummy and totally blog post worthy. And , so, blogging and posting.


1 can chickpeas

1/2 tub of Tofutti Cream Cheese

1/2-1 cup of Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds 

Hot Sauce to taste. I used Valentina.

preheat oven to 350 degrees

Mash chickpeas with a fork until desired consistency. You can also throw them in a blender and pulse a few times so they are broken up but not mashed completely. If you wanted, you could go with the smooth consistency and make the dip closer to a spicy hummus.

Transfer chickpeas in to a mixing bowl and fold in “cream cheese” and cheese shreds.

Stir in hot sauce.

Transfer in to an oven safe dish and bake for about 15 mins until the dip starts to brown. If you want a bubbly brown top, finish under the broiler for a min or two.

Serve with chips, pita, veggies…we scooped ours up with Utz Dark Russet Kettle Chips (pictured) which I highly recommend.

Hope you enjoy!